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Apple Mint

Apple Mint

Apple Mint

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Product description

Savour the taste of apple mint

If your taste buds have been craving a refresh and a break from the usual run-of-the-mill flavours, apple mint could be just what you need.

This elegant and refreshing blend is a burst of a new life for your tongue, that will have you wanting more!

“Let our apple mint blow your mind in seconds!”

"If you want Apples you have to Shake the trees"

It only takes 15 sec to turn your filter into your favourite taste

 Our beads are made from 100% natural food Essence!
 100 pieces in each package!
 Gives a nice taste of sweet apple!
 Free Tool to puncture a hole in the filter!

Did you know?
That you can get a stronger taste by adding 2 beads into your filter! Or you can mix and find your own favourite taste, be creative!

Click & Enjoy

Tips & Tricks
Use our famous  Click dispenser or CLICK AND GO KEYCHAIN ​​to make it even easier for you to add your beads into your filter!

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