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About us

Our history

Created in Denmark as the first supplier and Seller of our natural flavour beads! Our customers in Denmark love our products so much our company is growing rapidly.

Our success in Denmark has given us the chance to introduce our intense flavours to the UK, direct from our web-shop. 


Our Product

Our product is made with 100% food essence, and each Mintblast product smells amazing. Every one of our flavours has its own unique style and is tailored to create freshness and enjoyment to all our customers.

At Mintblast we emphasise the individual character of our flavours and insist on the highest quality of all our products.

We now have 10 special picked flavours, and we aim to increase our range very soon.

So, stay tuned on our website, subscribe to our E-mail service, or follow us on social media, for immediate updates!

How it works

Add the wanted flavour to your filter with our Mini-tool, click/crush your fingertips to release the fruitiness of your favourite flavour.


Our vision

Our vision is to be the largest supplier/seller of Aroma beads in Europe, our first milestone of opening in the UK is now complete and takes us one step closer to our final goal.

We look forward to giving you the best flavour experience and customer care. 

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